I finally found Uncanny Dodge and I am disappoint

So I’ve spent the past week or so looking for this goddamn thing, and…

I don’t think it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. In fact, I don’t think it’s doing anything at all.

This isn’t a huge setback, because I also found a Cloaking System, which actually works, but this is still incredibly disappointing.

EDIT: For context, this character’s effective Dodge rating is 24.5.

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Just an idea: did you turn the CBM on? Just asking 'cause I regularly forgett to activate mine before entering combat.

I’m pretty sure automatic weapons fire can overwhelm your dodging ability in the same way that being surrounded by zombies all attacking you at once does.
It’s been a while so the code may have changed, but I have used uncanny dodge against NPCs wielding non-automatic firearms before to what felt like good effect in the past.

You sink your fangs into the 9mm turret


I made sure to include the line that says I activated it in the screenshot.

Two points here:

  1. Well, I didn’t even dodge the first shot. Every single shot hit. I did this twice and the only one that wasn’t a direct hit (almost always to the head and torso) was one that somehow deflected off my leg.

  2. I uh…actually surround myself with enemies and come out unscathed on a regular basis. Park myself in the middle of a slime pit or around an anthill, go “awoo” and hold down the Tab key until everything is dead. I even cleared out an entire home improvement superstore by doing that, back before all the zombies started evolving. It was my go-to tactic.

The only time this doesn’t work at all is with triffid queens, but it isn’t because they surround me.


If only we had can “Upeners” in game and the cans to use them with would be great.

Things Uncanny Dodge is great at:

  • List item
    -Keeping distance when fighting crowds
    -Avoiding fire attacks (Tank Drones, Tribots, Young Queen Ants from PKs)
    -Narrowly avoiding dangerous projectile attacks (Probably need Power Armor if you’re taking on a Tank Drone).

Remember: dda is pretty close to real life, not like The Matrix where you can dodge bullets like the Chosen One

Sorry, I missed that line, mea culpa

I’m not so sure about that. I have the ability to teleport, turn invisible, and stop time, and I literally punched a tank drone to death on Saturday.

I just had an opportunity to this, and I’m 0 for 10 with Glock and Beretta.

So far the only time I’ve seen this thing actually do something was juking me away from melee attacks that would’ve never hit me anyway, which was just an inconvenience when I had to close the gap again.

Unless this thing can dodge Corrosive Zombies’ ranged attack, I think this CBM is virtually useless. Those enemies are barely more than a nuisance at this point anyway, though, so I would still be extremely disappointed.

I also don’t know what a Tribot is, and now I kinda dread finding out.