What just happen on the Uncanny dodge CBM? it's USELESS!

Uncanny dodge CBM dosn’t working anymore, you never dodge the bullet again, even I do enable the CBM, it still dosn’t working! I still geting shot at!!!

Fix it qucikly!!!

In the mean time check that Active defense system CBM too, I doubt that may stop working too.

From what I can tell, uncanny dodge doesn’t dodge most bullet based attacks, but you can rest easy in knowing that it is still incredibly OP in that it allows you to dodge almost every other special attack as long as you have 75 bionic power and the bionic is active (technically you can dodge at 74 bionic power and it will leave you at -1 bionic power, but I’m guessing that’s a bug).

I think Active Defense CBM is just really, really, weak. I think it only offers like ~4 ish bash protection and ~2 cut protection on average, although these numbers change a bit.