I can't use logs

I am not entirely new to the game, I have been doing a lot, I have never actually gotten around to building a home in the wilderness. I felt like I would become a hunter. I failed horribly lmao. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to pick up logs. I cut the tree down, and then, nothing. I have 40 liters of free inventory space, and 70 kg of weight free, and I can’t even open up a menu over the log. I can’t pick it up. It just sits there. I 'G’rab it. Nothing. I ‘g’ to pick it up, and ‘,’ as well. Nothing. I can only examine it. It annoyed me a lot. Sorry if I am dumb, I spent a good 20 minutes trying to pick up a log. I feel dumb.

Okay, so is it a log or a tree stump? After cutting down a tree it leaves stumps behind that need to be chopped into logs using an ax (my spellcheck says axe with an e isn’t a word? wtf.) If it’s a stump you 'a’ctivate your axe and select the chop stumps into logs option.

If it’s actually a log and not a stump you should be able to 'e’xamine the space it occupies and then tick the displayed list of items for pickup the way you can any other object in the game.

If neither of those are your issues I have no idea.

You need the * menu to split the tree up after you’ve felled it.

Thanks a lot. That was my problem. After I cut it became stumps, and I needed to cut them. Thanks.

I’ve also noticed that this forums in particular is rather insistent a lot of the time that axe is spelled without an ‘e.’ It doesn’t always do it, but it does it a lot.