I can't post pictures to the forums?

It is the right size, it’s a .gif but I have also tried .png, Does anyone know whats wrong? It tells me the upload folder is full but it is only 13.5KB

Also yes I have tried every file type I have available. Is there a special method or something? I am trying to upload it from my files do I HAVE to use a file sharing website or some other third party service to upload a screenshot here?

Yes. Take a few seconds to upload whatever you want to post to imgur, and then post the static link in the “img” bbcode tags. We don’t let people upload stuff because places like imgur do it just as well, don’t require any additional registration, and we don’t need to worry about supporting 20 terabytes of pictures that people decided to post.

tangential question: is forum storage space for uploads something one pays for in increments? Like, I want 4gb so I pay 10$, if I want 20gb I pay more? Curious as to how that works for the site owner.

Wow imgur is easy! I had never heard of it actually. Thanks!

Forum storage space (usually) is like you choose what size/connection/etc. of webserver you want and it costs $X amount per month (or you own a personal webserver with X, which costs a lot more to startup but then only costs for the internet hookup). You want a server with more space? Higher cost. (Or the purchase cost of more HD’s should you actually own your own server). As such any item uploaded would mean we could store that many less threads, etc. before we needed to start paying more to expand the server (or prune out older threads).

It’s definitely not free, if that’s what you are asking. :stuck_out_tongue:

No that answered my question entirely. I was curious because I have several friends now looking to host websites as functional art portfolios, and it had me wondering how forum ownership compared. I have learned a thing!

I guess threads take up way less, given how tiny text is space-wise. I know I’ve got IRC chatlogs for DAYSSSS (acually, about five years worth) and they amount to a piss in the sea for file size. And that’s before I zipped them all into a single file.