Hunters Mod

Hello. My first “mod” is very simple and quite strange. It puts basic zombie monster( “zombie”) into WILDLIFE category as “hunter”. Hunters are fast and dangerous. They can kill you very easily but they have low HP. Their stats:

“hp”: 50,
“speed”: 100,
“material”: [
“symbol”: “H”,
“color”: “ltgreen”,
“aggression”: 100,
“morale”: 100,
“melee_skill”: 20,
“melee_dice”: 2,
“melee_dice_sides”: 3,
“melee_cut”: 30,
“vision_night”: 3,

Hunters mod changes Cata: Call of Duty into Cata: The Last of Us. Patience/stealth is the key to success. Hunters are rare so you have a chance to survive


  1. Copy “monsters” and “monstergroups” json into data/json
  2. Set "Realtime turn progression to 0.05(options) and create a new world with “NO MONSTERS”(blacklist)
  3. Set monster spawn rate to 0.10

Debug errors may appear. Just ignore them and press “I” or “space”