Huge update for Otopack soundpack+improvements+mods sounds support!

I’ve decided to become the new maintainer of Otopack (the first and main creator of which is Survival_Man) - added support for many new mods as well, fixed the old ones, thanks to Cuddlebaby - the Go-Goat - I’ve added plenty of awesome ambient and very well-made music - here is the GitHub link to it :slight_smile:


Link to my CDDA modding server -


It doesen’t work on android i put it on cdda/data/sound then try to open the game and baam crash pls help.

I do not bear responsibility for it working on Android, since I am not playing on the Android version myself, apologies :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve released a small update today which fixes some broken music, maybe it fixes your issue, feel free to check it out via the GitHub link :slight_smile:

I understand also i love how you are working on the sound pack.

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