HUD Visor for Recipes and Mechanical Work

Okay so I heard today about a program being worked on for the Oculus Rift, and thought there might be something to bring over. If you haven’t heard the Oculus Rift is a set of virtual reality visors that let you see in a 3D world and look around yatta yatta.

Now the good part. In development is a pair that has cameras on the other side letting you see right through them but with the added benefit of imposing a heads up display. But not stuff like displaying ammo or map way points but rather imagine staring at an engine block and having no idea what goes where, or whats wrong with it. This HUD with highlight parts in the wrong place, or indicate what you need to do first and even show you a virtual display of the actions needed to be performed.

The real world applications reminded me of Half Life or Team Fortress, where as if your mechanic is injured or killed in battle a platoon member could don these goggles and be guided through repairs with through the HUD.

The in game applications I could see would be an alternative maybe to using books for learning, but the same could be said of a computer program you use to learn something new. A more feasible use would be the ability for a character who is not good at say, electronics, to put on an electricians visor and be able to craft higher level recipes, because he can be shown how.

That brings us to different types of visors and their uses. I can imagine a combat version, mechanical, doctor one (yeah I can remove your appendix, just let me slip these on) the list could go on.

Just some starter ideas for this topic. Hope I wasn’t too confusing and I just trying to get a discussion going on this idea.

Way to go, putting all those dedicated professionals out of work with your newfangled skill-glasses.

In all seriousness though, this could be a neat idea, perhaps functioning as clothing that gives a +1 to a particular skill while it’s worn and powered.