Hub01 Prototype Robot Mission

I threw an EMP, then as it was now nearly dead, shot him once with my M4A1. It falls on the ground.

No prototype field data? The disassembly summary don’t list it either, what should I do, feels like a bug, as here

AFAIK, it always drops, have you checked your log messages?, maybe it got damaged/destroyed by the shot, have you tried the list items around player option? (the one that show items on a window and can rotate to show mobs) if still not, then im sure its a bug

I did not check with V indeed, I can’t say for sure the recorder was not in another tile, beneath a zombie corpse.

I reloaded and finished it with the 2nd EMP granted, and the recorder was there. Perhaps it is only there if you kill it with an EMP?

Should always be there. I killed it without emp and still got the quest item.

It will remain a mystery then, because there was nothing in the square but the destroyed bot. Same report as the reddit user basically.