HOW you guys killed a zombie?


Never would guess Zork would be in a series that I dislike. Rather perverse to see something I like, inside something I didn’t.

Although it makes me question now if the game is small enough to be stuffed inside CatDDA


yea, possible if one knows the solution.

i was considering to download Zork graphical edition on my DOS.


I’m fairly certain I downloaded a Grue mod for Minecraft at some point, as well as a mod to make darkness truly pitch black.
I wanted to test what exactly happens if you just chill in the dark for a while, but a creepy noises that sounded like they were getting ever closer dissuaded me from that.


Lead the pack of zombies to a pack of wild dogs, then let the battle commence.


I’ve done that kind of thing many a time. I like to eat popcorn during those times as well.


Also letting a Brute chase down a dog while I sneak by to get some loot lol


stealing the loots with efficiency and distraction…

a perfect heist :smile:


Yup, that dog took the rap for me. His sacrifice will not be in vain. Found a personal massager in the raid.


:smile: a price for a massage in cataclysm is “deadly” i see…


Puppers’ pain is my pleasure.


:smile: too dark for me…


I’m perfectly fine with dog murder. Maybe less so if it’s my dog. I had one once, but while I had a real connection to him my dad cried while I just had a simple sad look on my face.
Humanity is a piece of crap but I love them more, but I do so hope there is dog heaven. He was a moron, but an awesome moron.