How world save system really works?

Hello everyone! I’ve been playing this game for a while and starting to understand the mechanics of it, but I’ve found something confusing doing so.
The last time I’ve played our house power was cut off, interrupting the game process. After the power was restored I’ve found out what the world save I’ve been playing on became corrupt(errors in json files as I understand) resulting in everything disappearing in the radius of 2 map tiles(including my base).
What is the reason for this if I’ve made sure what the autosave is turned off, so no saving was made during computer shut off? Is the save files of the world modified even while you are playing?

I’ve also experimented with scumsaving and sometimes I did find my own corpse, after reloading the game.

Btw the game build is 4b793ad.
Also in this same build I’ve found out what you can’t create world or characters with cyrillic symbols in their names.

Usually, no. There are a few things that are saved right when changed though, including but not limited to: Game options, Zones, Auto-pickup- and Save-mode-managers etc.
I think cars used to be like that too, but it doesn’t seem that much of a problem anymore…

There are a few possible reasons. From what I saw until now - and I might be mistaken here - I’d say it’s likely a problem with the Operating System and the way it stores things onto your hard drive.
If your OS notices that it has to write something often and/or is otherwise busy, it can store stuff in cache instead of writing it directly to the hard drive.
That way it can load and access stuff faster and does not strain the hard drive that much. It writes it to the hard drive if it is shuts down properly (or earlier).
However, if the computer loses power (or suffers another way of a crash), it might not get the chance to save that stuff, causing corruption.
(This is also one of the reason why you shouldn’t just unplug a USB drive, even though you “saved” your documents onto it.)

Here’s a webpage that explains a bit more in depth what happens and how to turn it off for Windows 7-10:

Again, this is just what I suspect is happening, and I don’t know for sure (yet).
Sadly, I don’t think there’s a way to prevent this from happening (from a programming perspective), but frequent backups might mitigate the problem.

I’ve never had this happen (unless I’ve respawned in a world I’ve got killed), but I’ve read that this can occur due to save scumming, often when you reload right after you’ve died. Not sure what’s happening, maybe there is still a relict in the code that writes some character data during normal play.

Thanks for the reply.

That makes perfect sense, no wonder it threw millions of errors then. If that’s the case I’m amazed at how elegantly the game handled this, as it completely re-generated all of the missing map tiles and even set up a new military base nearby(turns out the radius of disappearance was bigger).

Maybe you can even make up a story of it, like some sort of Philadelphic Experiment was taken the action.

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