How to remove a solar panel from a vehicle?

Preface, new to this game. I cannot figure out how to get a solar panel. Right, so I found a vehicle with solar panels inside. I walk into it it open up the vehicle’s menu, remove the solar panel. (I had the tools to properly remove it, no problems there.) I thought I was done. I walk over to the solar panel. Oh, I can’t pick it up, alright. I try to use the grab menu on it. That only grabs the car it is layered over. How do I get this solar panel?

Is this a different kind of solar panel than the one needed for crafting or something? Send help.

If you need it for crafting you probably need a solar cell, which is what solar panels are made from.
You should be able to pick it up like any other item and carry it around.

  1. Examine the vehicle - e+cursor.
  2. Find the solar panel - cursor.
  3. Remove the solar panel - o+cursor.

There is an option in the settings to allow dangerous pickups, which will allow you to pick things up that go over your weight limit.
Alternately, you could just use the advanced inventory to move it close to the vehicle you want to install it to, without actually taking it off the ground.
I usually just drive up next to the vehicle I am taking it off of and then just install it onto my vehicle directly form where it was uninstalled to.

Oh another option is to bring some sort of cart and then put it into the cart with advanced inventory and drag the cart to your vehicle or wherever you want to install it to.

As I said, I removed it from the vehicle. I got that part done. But I can’t figure out how to interact with it beyond that. It doesn’t appear as an item I can interact with on the ground, and using the advanced inventory doesn’t cause it to show up either, even if I’m standing directly on top of it.

Sorry if I sound dumb here, still trying to figure out how to play.

It appears on the square you are standing when you remove it. If you remove a broken one it gives you solar cells and some other stuff instead of a pannel

Alright everything suddenly clicks, thank you.

Oh yeah, if the item is greyed out on a vehicle, it is broken and not there anymore so you just get components back, I thought you had it on the ground and couldn’t figure out how to move it, my bad.