Solar powered cars

so exactly how fragile are solar panels/storage batteries? can i run over zombies if i cover them with hard plating?

I dont know really, mine keep breaking so easily. Even my rv kitchen unit that is inside the vehicule in the back

Very, plating doesn’t seem to make much difference imo. Solar is not the way to go for a battle vehicle.

kk thanks for the info.

The batteries seem to last fine - it’s the panels that are fragile.

However, they’re also not too heavy and bulky. One reasonably easy option is to strip the panels from every wrecked solar car you come across, and keep them in your vehicle’s storage. That way, if you do lose any, you can replace them once you reach a safe area.

I like to remove the solar panels after the car’s battery is full. By doing it you don’t risk destroying them when running over a few Zs

We need some up-to-date solar car design for battle readiness.

When building a deathmobile, put the solar panels at the back.

I have found that running over most zobies wont hurt your solar panels, the real danger comes from ramming into houses and trees, so solar power is fine if you drive carefully.

Driving through swarms of swamp critters and mosquitos can be pretty bad too. As long as you drive straight and due north-south or east-west you’re fine (as long as you haven’t done something silly like put them at the front of your car). But when you start turning or move at an angle, you can hit stuff with the side of your car, and that can wreck them pretty quick.