How can I remove a concrete floor?!?

Hey guys! Long time lurker first time poster.

So there’s a roof over the porch of my house in my most recent play through. I wanted to have a stationary vehicle where part was outside with solar panels and the rest poked through the wall with a bunch of crafting stations, etc. Tried building the solar panel part on top of the concrete floor of the porch but the batteries won’t charge (everything is fully repaired) even though its “bright” on the tile. So I started trying to remove the concrete floor assuming the roof would go too.

Tried the construction menu: but couldn’t find anything that would work
Tried a shovel: “You can’t dig a pit on this ground”
Tried a jackhammer: “You can’t drill here”
Tried breaking the support pillars of the porch: a tiny piece of roof collapsed on my head but the rest is fine
Built a sledgehammer, drank booze, did meth, and smashed it: “You don’t seem to be damaging the concrete floor”

Just spent two or three days in game building tools, doing drugs, vomiting on my front porch from the drugs, smashing, building and unbuiding solar panels, etc. Am I missing something or is this impossible?

The game is weird in a way that if there’s a floor, there’s also roof tile paired up, no exceptions. Do you specifically need to build the solar on this tile, or can you make it a tile or two farther away?

Also, I think it’s strange since I believe solars should charge if it’s bright.

Hell, I used to have a moving welding cart and charged it inside the house, just left the window open. It charged fine.