How to pulp faster

How does the game calculate speed of pulping zombie corpse?
Does the speed depends on my bashing or cutting weapon skill?

Pulping the remains of a skeletal juggernaut with my compound bow takes a very very long time.

I’m not sure, but higher damage seems to pulp faster. Logically it would take a long time to beat something to a pulp with a bow. Maybe carry a hatchet or something, or use a sharp object and use the (b)utcher menu. There is an option to “dismember” which almost always takes less than a minute. The yield is poor, but if you’re just pulping them you probably don’t care and just don’t want them getting up again.

Short answer: Fire.

Quick and efficient except in rain or indoors.

Warning: This ad is not reliable for any or all items that are burnt in the process.

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