How to pickup and insert into inventory container

I’ve been playing CDDA for a couple of weeks now and it’s great! Rather complicated at times, but great.

It took me a while to figure out how to manage my stuff and there’s still one thing that I cannot do.

I have a container for my wound kit in my inventory. I keep all my excess bandages, pills etc on a bench in my base.

I cannot figure out how to Insert a certain number of, say, bandages directly into the latter wound kit.

The closest I’ve got is: Open inventory i, select wound kit, examine Enter/e, Insert i, then find the item from the bench I want to insert into wound kit. However, I have many many bandages on the bench and the action fails because the container cannot store all these bandages, and I cannot insert a desired number of bandages.

I’ve got around this by dropping all items in wound kit on the floor, then using AIM moving the required number of, say, bandages, pills etc from the bench onto the floor. Then when I’ve got the required number and variety of bandages, pills etc on the floor, Inserting them into the wound kit.

Perhaps needless to say, this is laborious and a little tiresome.

Can someone tell me, is there a better way to insert items into a container?

If you play latest experimental, press v key. In stable build, I dont know the better way.

Hmm, which version are you running? When I do this (0.G stable), just the amount of bandages that fit get inserted.

This will work in latest experimental but not in stable because container viewing is broken in stable.

Wield your wound kit, open advanced inventory and on one side select your bench with medical supplies and on the other open up worn equipment find the wound kit youre wielding and press c.
You should now be able to place whatever items you like into the wound kit, use ‘m’ to select a specific number of items to move.

I recommend you wield the wound kit because non-rigid containers expand as they’re filled and often they cannot expand if they are inside another container so they’ll display they have room but when you go to move things into it you’ll be told there’s no room.

On Stable, drop any equipment that has storage, wield the wound kit and repeat the steps above except open your inventory instead of pressing c on the wound kit. Since the wound kit will be the only storage available it is now your inventory and you can put anything you like inside of it.

I try to avoid inserting more than one item in stable, when you take multiple items the stack gets split and inserted in many different places. Sometimes you may even crash when you have multiple nested soft containers cause somehow more gets inserted than should be possible. I think it’s been already fixed in experimental though.

Thanks for the help.

The quickest way I’ve found (bearing in mind I need to see what I’ve currently got in medical kit so I know what additional stuff to add from bench, this way seems quicker than all suggestions), in stable, is:

  1. wield medical kit and dump everything in it on floor via AIM
  2. Using AIM transfer stuff from bench to same space on floor as above. This way can see total amount of kit. Keep an eye on total amount of stuff on floor knowing how much stuff can fit in med kit.
  3. When all meds etc on floor to liking, transfer into wielded med kit via AIM.

I should add that in stable, despite not showing or being obvious in the GUI, you can actually (i)nsert a specific number of items into a container via Inventory but only if numerals aren’t used as part of item index.