*ANSWERED* How do I wear clothes when naked?

I registered just to ask this one question: how do I wear clothes when I can’t put them into my inventory? If I’m naked, my volume is only 1 or 2, I can’t pick up the clothing to put it on. Am I missing something super obvious, or is this really a game where naked people cannot put on clothes? I can’t imagine I’m the only person who ever got their clothes torn of by a zombie. Am I just meant to die of exposure now? It should be possible for me to stand next to a dresser full of clothing, reach into it, pull out clothes, and wear them… I do it everyday at home! Thanks for your attention, I hope someone can help my poor naked character.

Your character can carry one item of infinite volume at a time with their hands. You just need to drop whatever is in your hands, then (g)et the item you want to wear. If your hands are free, your character will pick it up and wield it.

You should be able to wear them when you try to pick it up, and even you should be able to wield them in your hand and then proceed to 'w’ear it.

In my experience, when trying to pick up an item with not enough space in your inventory (through the ‘,’ command), you are prompted with a message similar to ‘You do not have enough space to carry <CLOTHING_ITEM>. Wear it? (Y/N)’. Pushing ‘Y’ will cause you to wear the item, instead of storing it in your inventory.

Oh, also, when talking about reaching into dressers, you do that by examining the dresser with e while adjacent to it, then selecting the items you want to take out.

Additionally, the advanced inventory management screen (accessed with the ‘/’ key by default) will neither automatically place items within your wielded slot, nor prompt you to wear the garment in question. The 'e’xamine command mentioned by Mr.Solusphere will engage both those behaviors during the appropriate time, however.

Also, mind the landmines. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the help! I was using ‘/’ Advanced Inventory and going crazy because it didn’t give me the options I was sure were there. ‘e’ the drawers worked wonderfully once I realized where the contents of the dresser were displayed! I’m sure the empty hands can hold anything idea will work too.

Thanks again! Great game.