How to kill giant worms?

I have a longbow and charcoal forge but no vehicle.

After I escape from lab, I live in a nearby LMOE shelter.
The worms are blocking the entrance of the lab now.

You’ll need to melee them I think, they only come above ground to attack.

Edit: Well, you might be able to lead something to them to draw agro then shoot them from the road while everything is busy.

Does grenades work on them when they are below the ground? How about fire or acid bomb?

I’ve never tried but I doubt it, they aren’t too bad to fight in melee if it come to that. Just stay near the road if you aren’t confident.

They arent that difficult, if you have a spear or another decent melee weapon you should be able to take it down.

yup. steel spear works so well.

Quick melee weapons do the trick.

I’m fond of quick melee weapons for worms as Slax describes. Survivor machete has always brutalized them in my experience.

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Might as well be a question on how to kill a moose.

Once upon a time I had a good time with a homemade halfpike and bone armor against a graboid. Reach did nothing, of course, but you did ask.