Help with Kevlar Hulks?

It is Autumn of my first year, and these things are everywhere. I mean everywhere. They and the actually-fightable Kevlar Zombie appear at pretty much every and any area I go to loot, and usually en-masse. If I’m outside (and thus can use my vehicle turret) they’re manageable, but what the hell do you do on foot? Even with the best Blunt weapon I can make (Loaded Stick, which I know isn’t crazy but if I want to learn better ones I need books at this point).

I do have ‘on foot’ ways to deal with them, but they’re really impractical for the frequency at which I see these units. I’d appreciate any advice on how to fight them.

flamethrowers, molotovs or railgun

Is that truly all you can do? Damn. Flamethrower feels so cheesy to use, but I suppose if that’s just how it is…

I’ve used a long bow and arrows whilst running around the room but to be fair I had metal bodkin arrows from a mod and they had armor pierce

yeah before the nerfing to arrows, they were doable with bows, now i just save some rifle rounds for kevlar hulks, tanks and other surprises.

I remember when i made some pits lured them there and threw molotovs

A sledgehammer should do the trick, it works on most heavily armoured enemies in the game.

Edit: but really you are better off just shooting them, .223 and similiar are pretty reliable for taken them down. If you can find a RM216 SPIW and ammo to go with it, that’s a good option too and it fits in a holster.

What rifles do you recommend? I’ve tried with a SCAR and didn’t get good results, but I’m also pretty poor at marksmanship.

I got some good use out of the M27 IAR, I found in right at the beinging of my Radical Radio challenge and used it for the entire run, any of the Rivtech rifles that use the 8x40mm round should do the trick too but I personally find them too loud.
I like the M27 IAR though cos you can get ammo for them from a lot of the humvees and other military vehicles.

Edit: This is the pimped out version I was using at the end of that run

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Just cleaved through a small army of kevlar-based zeds and scientists that filled a quarter of my viewing range, then again I had survivor gear and arcana’s incorruptible sword, which is basically excalibur.

Before I found the sword it was mostly fire tactics. I carry around 15 or so rags and a spare lighter for dealing with hordes. Basically I arrange the rags in a 3x5 grid that the horde would walk through and set them on fire before they get to me. Usually, anything that steps into the grid doesn’t make it back out. Only the really high health enemies like hulks and brutes need a little bit of the old ring-around-the-rosy before they go down. Yes, you may lose out on some salvageable gear, but if the all die fast enough and you have an extinguisher on hand you can usually save most things.