How to install mods on mobile?

i have installed the pk rebalanceing mod and
more archery but theh are zipped whit nothing in them and unzipping to the game files dosen’t add anything!

Read the FAQ there -

so how do i install files?
the files i install all seem to be empty zip files, but the mods already on my game aren’t… i tryed unzipping (i don’t care to look up whats the original wording of the action that unzips stuff, if that dosen’t make sense, don’t worry, neither do i)

oh it was extracting not unzipping… wait, why diden’t i just edit my post? welp, i guess i am a troll, but now that am talking it gives me to go off topic to distract you from the lizard invasion,… do you like chips? i like em, good cemical stuff but made whit stuff thats food not cemical, how much do you drink marshmellow in coco? i could make a joke about the coconut joke but i won’t becose this is a joke about making a joke, but the coco whit marshmellow seems really delicius but for some reason it dosen’t taste that good, its only good if the coffe has soaked into the marshmellow but i don’t have time for that, i gotta write ridiculously long comments! (you:theres a bunch of text about lizards but you decided to stop reading before he makes another pun)