How to get rid of soil

so does anyone know how to dumb soil damn thing is sooo heavy and take so much space

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Drag it out of sight?

Pile it up and throw rocks at maybe? Not sure if it burns. You can always make it into pallet after pallet of adobe bricks and just build bigass walls everywhere.

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what mod adds those?

No mod adds those, they’re in the base game.
Right now the uses for soil are as follows:
Planters, adobe bricks (and the relevant walls), rammed earth walls, and log & sod roofs.

strange I tried to Find adobe and didn’t show up

Adobe stuff went up 4 days ago. Should be there. Requires fab 2, survival 1.

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It doesn’t seem to be listed in the item browser, but I definitely made some in my game two days ago.

Hey, I also added rammed earth walls in an earlier pr, so if you have a crapload of soil and water and a bit of wood, you can make walls that are almost as strong as brick at fab 2, survival 2 by constructing them on top of a fence post.

Yes, you will likely need a barrel of some kind to construct them far from water, because each wall takes a lot of it. Logically, I doubt you’d need as much as was put in, because it rains so much in CDDA, but Kevin wanted it to fit with real life figures, so there you go.

I need to modify the adobe stuff to accept regular wooden frames, though, because I tunnelvisioned the innawoods stuff and was like ‘why should I force them to make nails?’, disregarding that a lot of people start in a shelter and can deconstruct/smash for a small amount of nails.

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I personally often do the experiment or wilderness start so stuff that uses no nails is a must for me. what about lightwooden frames. those use rope not nails I think a frame being a tool and not a componit (aka part of the craft) would make more sense I don’t see many adobe buildings using wood as part of the build.

That’s essentially how it works as it is currently.

I actully look this up but I would be possible in real life to make adobe kilns and forges. and fireplaces

If you think the game needs those, please add them.

regretfully I have zero programing/ coding skills. nor the patience for it so the most I can do currently is help with the planing

You don’t need programming skills - most if not all of this can be accomplished through JSON editing, which is basically text.


Use them to build walls if you’re surviving in the wilderness. Very useful.