Build a normal wall

Is it possible to build a normal wall? My wood garage attached to the evac shelter looks a little funny. I can see where this might be a problem though because all normal walls would be probable be deconstrucable which could be unbalanced.

If you mean “|” or “-” instead of # then no, not that I know of.

No, you can’t. Debug in some normal walls if you are offended. Just throw away normal materials to make it seem realistic.

Not yet. Eventually I hope to get in concrete and the ability to mix and pour your own normal walls (or build brick ones) but nobody has gotten around to it yet.

That would be great. Rock walls, also. I have a house which is partially rock, partially glass (it was this way originally) and now it’s partially wooden too :stuck_out_tongue:

How about something like this:

It looks better that way, IMO.

I like what Chiko did. Looks waaaayyy better than #.

Me too. I guess corner elements are the problem (construction interface doesn’t account for those currently). If walls bothered me that much I’d build a house out of car parts, that way you can get it looking any way you like.