Dirt everywhere

I’ve been excavaiting for things like walls and cellars, and I have a lot of dirt kicking around on the floor. What do people do with all this dirt??


Yea I dunno what to do with it all either. Looks like it is intended, tho, since this issue was closed.

Eat it???

That could work.

Otherwise, it would make sense to make dirt(sand)bags from them, but I don’t think that’s in-game

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The main thing I use it for is to dump out into the fields, it seems like dropping soil on bare ground eliminates it, but otherwise soil is so insanely volume-intensive that I just use debug strength to lift it all and drop it somewhere else

Ameobic molds and shoggoths will destroy anything they walk over. If i want something gone I debug spawn a mold on it then kill it.

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Interesting that this produces soil, but constructing a downstair into dirt ground does not produce any. Bit of an inconsistency there.

Trying to get CDDA to follow conservation of mass to some degree is one of our priorities. Having dirt appear when you dig and disappear when you fill them in kinda falls into that, but it sounds like it wasn’t really finished.

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We could probably allow it as a construction material for wattle and daub walls first off, but having some real use for it would be nice. I’d recommend rammed earth or the equivalent, but with the amount of rain in New England it probably isn’t viable.