Underground construction

recently noticed the lmoe shelters and how they’re built with metal walls
so how can walls be built underground if shovels can’t dig pits on stone?

At first I was like ‘what the hell man you press * and just…’
But then… oh.

Anyway, I do remember building a wooden wall downstairs, don’t know if it requires a pit though.

solution of a sort found
build wood walls then smash them down it leaves behind dirt on which you can dig pits for walls or wells or underground grow fields


I usually just debug dirt in since it’s ridiculous you can’t jackhammer a hole in the floor.

This is one of the things I could use debug for and not feel like I was cheating even a little bit.


I agree, many things in DDA just doesn’t make any sense.

I even saw 1 chihuahua take down a tough zombie, like WTF ?

A feral chihuahua is no joke.

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