How to get map on the side in the mobile version of the game

Does Anyone know how to get the side mini map I tried everything still doesn’t show up

While you state that you did try everything, did you also check if it’s turned on in the } sidebar options menu?
You might also have to remove quite a few things from the sidebar / choose a different style to have it show up (or move it to a higher position), because of the size limitation.

Next thing to check would be if the Options->Graphics->Pixel minimap setting is turned on.

Finally, it might have been deactivated via the hotkey in the game. Did you try pressing SHIFT-N?

First thing increase Terminal size in settings.

It doesn’t change it set for 80X24 when ever I try to change the number and press yes to save setting it goes back to 80X24 . Also what’s number is the best for terminal in the reddit post it said 80X25 or 128x48,

tnx I got the mini map working

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