How to fix broken tires?

Hey i was cruising along in my pickup when i all of sudden i run into a shotgun trap and and a nail board ruining my left side tires.

Now how do i fix the flat tires? Do i have to find the proper wheel (30") or can i just repair it?
Cause it would be a pain to find the correct tires, only found a single 23" so far in my travels

Yeah, you need 30" tires and a welder and maybe a wrench. If the part’s not black or grey, you can repair it with a welder and a wrench

Need to find a new tyre mate.

As long as the tyre is not completely dead (i.e, it’s red on the stats screen) you can repair it with a welder.
Blow the tyre completely? Need to find a new one. That’s the same for all vehicle parts, so make sure you keep your engine, gas tank and windscreens in good repair. You should be able to get away with using a smaller tyre, it’s better than nothing and finding a 13" or 25" tyre in itself is a wonderful find.

Gas tank doesn’t matter that much now, seeing as you can craft one out of a metal sheet. Still, I always have two gas tanks just for extra fuel capacity and redundancy. Better yet, my of my vehicle plans include multiple wheels-- i.e if it would have four wheels, it’d have eight. Four front, four back. Means that you can blow a wheel without careening into the nearest liquor store.

Another handy tip: Scout ahead on unknown roads and (N)ote any trap positions.
As I adventure through towns I usually find trap caches or better yet, landmines. If I wanted to make a hasty exit I certainly don’t want to drive through em.

I actually fell to a nailboard trap once. It was obscured by zombie corpses and me, in my deathmobile thought I’d cleared out the town. Well, I had-- I just hadn’t disarmed all the traps in the neighbourhood. :frowning:

Luckily you can still drive fine with just three wheels, because when a survivor builds a deathmobile he DAMN WELL builds a deathmobile that can function with only half the amount of wheels it started with.

As Iosyn mentions, you only have to pay attention to the wheel type, not its size.

Check the wiki for all the available wheel types.

You’ll see that there’s only this types:

  • wheel
  • wide wheel
  • bicycle whee
  • motorbike wheel
  • small wheel

And all of them have the VARIABLE_SIZE flag (engines have it too).

For example, you can change/fix a “wheel” of any size with another “wheel” of any size, but not with a, say, “motorbike wheel”.

I’m not sure if using a different size affects your vehicle’s mass, maneuverability, etc. I think that only applies to engines (different gas consumption).

Ah good plan on doubling up on the wheels.
Unfortunately for me both the wheels are greyed out from the shotgun blast and nail board so i have to replace them. Ok i have the “Wide wheels” so i´ll have to get wide wheels then. Ok that makes it easier, i´ve found some wheels but i never marked down the positions so but there are some garages in a huge town nearby i´ll go there and search.

Thanks for noticing me about repairing the parts, so i don´t have to completely replace them.

EDIT: I found a trailer, can i take off those wheels and transfer them to my own vehicle?

Yes. You can remove any vehicle part with a hack saw. In the vehicle screen then just select the option to rem(o)ve it. It’s also an easy way to get some experience in mechanics.

I always thought it was weird that you needed a welder and 6 mechanic skill to repair a tire. To fix a punctured tire in real life you just wad up some epoxy glue on the end of a screwdriver and shove it into the hole, or use one of those neat liquid sealant kits that you fill the tire with through the inflation valve. Does red or black quality on a tire represent that the rim is destroyed or something?

Repairing a wheel using a welder is just a placeholder. I think you should be able to do it with wrench, crowbar, and rubber patch kit (cut up tire and superglue). Wrench removes the tire, crowbar disengages and reengages the rubber-to-wheel interface and patch kit makes it all better.

Then there’s the matter of compressed gas …

Fire extinguisher perhaps? Or just abstract it and say that future tires self-inflate somehow.

Saw a mythbusters episode where they verified that you can re-inflate a deflated tire by pouring gasoline on it and setting it on fire.

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did you finish the episode? it works but when the air cools the pressure drops a lot.

Pros: you’ll set your tire on the rim (or wreck your tire if you mess up.)
Cons: you still need a pump to inflate the tire.

Maybe an air compressor? or for smaller tires a bike pump?

It is the future, so this:

No more flat tires. Just damaged ones.

Now that is a design I’ve never seen before… sheer genius! They can’t get flat but they can break from over strain… now to find out what kind of punishment these can take… I’ve got a quad and some rough trails nearby that’ll put them to the test!

tire can be iflated by the gas and fire. put some gas into the tire and put fire - tire will be iflated after short blow. tire will be inflated by the products of burning gasoline.

If you’re going to necro a five year old thread, could you at least have something worthwhile to say? The mythbusters bit about inflating a tire with a fire was already gone over by Flare and TaintedHolyWater in the thread, so you’re just repeating a dead conversation and wasting people’s time.

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Also worth noting that, unless I’m mistaken, that is only short term. As mentioned, once the gasses cool the pressure in the tire will drop and it will go flat again.

yes. sorry for that. i tryed to kill my comment but fails :slight_smile:

a-a… nope.
maybe you will tell me where to disappear from the submarine at a depth? well, if you the great wizard that teleportation for you don’t make a problem, but only not for gas which is in the closed space. yes gas will decrease in volume because of lost of temperature. but he won’t be gone anywhere. combustion products - in a certain sort are gas too. there was an oxygen there was carbon dioxide.

I’m not a wizard, but thank you. The issue isn’t that the gas disappears, it just decreases in volume once it’s no longer hot, like all gasses. Which means that the tire pressure will decrease, and the tire will get flat again. The fire trick is basically just good for reseating the tire on the rim, not actually inflating it.

This Mythbusters video explains nicely:

Also, apparently you’re not supposed to use gasoline, presumably because it will explode more violently and/or continue to burn.

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