How to escape from flaming eyes & lots of slime?

I am trying to escape from a lab. The lab has several underground floors and 4 floors above the ground. The entrance of the whole lab is not locked. But the entrance at the ground floor is full of slime and 3-4 flaming eyes.

I can kill the slime with nailboard traps. But I can’t kill the flaming eyes.

I think about digging a tunnel to escape the lab. I have 1 pickaxe. The level just below the ground floor has reinforced concrete wall. I don’t think I have enough food if I just dig with the pickaxe.

I can’t even get clay to make a crucible. I have an entrenching tool. At the ground floor, A yugg turned several reinforce concrete floors into dirt. But that place also has 2 flaming eyes.

The lab does not connect with any sewer.

The flaming eyes can still taint my mind even if I wear a blindfold.

You’re at a Research Facility then, not a lab, by the sound of it.

Yeah you don’t escape Flaming Eyes. Best thing to do is to literally abandon the place, even considering you are in a place with one exit only.

Killing Flaming Eyes is pointless. They’ll always run away from you (Fleeing!) they will always stare at you and they will most of the time make you blind. Shooting them? Sure, good luck hitting them though :frowning:

If you are already having the tainted / touched mind effects, might as well just kill yourself because otherwise the game will do it for you.

Should add that Wearing a blindfold only protects you from being blinded - it doesn’t stop the Flaming Eyes from staring at you.

To be honest, the flaming eyes and tears in reality are my least enjoyed aspects of the game to date. They aren’t as dangerous as they used to be, but ffs are they still a thoroughly unenjoyable addition.


flaming eyes? those aren’t the worst. Hounds of tindalos are there, too. Did you pick a labs spawn? for some reason it can also spawn you at research facilities…

That’s because research facilities have a lab underneath. The spawning location doesn’t allow to choose what sort of surface level Laboratory POI you spawn in, so for all intents and purposes, it’s always a “Science Lab”, and it can be a die roll between Prison Science Labs, Ant-Infested Science Labs, House Basement Science Labs, Normal Science Labs or Research Facilities Science Labs. (with possible chances of some of them being Deep Freeze Science Labs or Ice Science Labs).

Any lab or any location that has a Tear in Reality or a Portal can spawn literally anything - which is why Research Facilities are a slog fest and often crowded, as they usually have like 5-10 portals between Z-levels 0 and 3.

As for Flaming Eyes being the worst or not, it’s based on circumstance. One reason why I’d say they are the worst is due to the fact their stare is reason why you can sometimes get a surprise fungal infection or a surprise Hound of Tindalos spawn next to you. I do agree with the user above; Tears in Reality, Flaming Eyes are up there in my least liked things in the game - or at least things that may need some tweaking after so many years of being in-game.

My only real experience with flaming eyes were the really old destruction beam ones that could vaporize you through walls and tear apart cars, level buildings and even carve through solid blocks of stone underground - really crazy stuff.

Apparently they’re “less” dangerous but still super fucking annoying apparently.

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flaming eyes are worse cause just one can permanently blind even a late game character (idk if its permanent, i never survived for more than a day) ive encountered three total flaming eyes and each time i died cause it wrecked my ability to fight
meanwhile hound of tindalos just duplicate themselves constantly, you can outrun if needed, you can lure them to fight other monsters to fight for you, you also can fight them with high armor/dodge if needed .