How to debug "tried to put an item (mre_bag) count (1) in a container"

DEBUG : tried to put an item (mre_bag) count (1) in a container (mre_package) that cannot contain it: 口袋不可用因为 可用容量不足

FUNCTION : ret_val item::put_in(const item &, item_pocket::pocket_type, const bool)
FILE : src/item.cpp
LINE : 1406
VERSION : f7c3192

I found no mre_bag and mre_package in the mod pack. And removing PKS mod solves this error. How to debug for the real cause of it? Can game provide more info on this error?

This is caused by additional bottom around gummy vitamins added by pks mod.

Remove that modification of gummy vitamins solves it.

And another similar thing is