How to add custom waypoint?

so im starting to do some crafting and building base now rather than exploring and looting like i used to play, but im a kind of player who build a base, explore far away and end up forget where is my base located…

is there any way i could put some custom waypoint in the map? that would be helpful for me…

Go to overmap and press shift+n.

The over map has a note placement ability. Vorminthrax has a youtube quick tip or univetsity course on it. You can set a symbol and color in additon to the note.

Vorms whole quick tips and university videos are super helpful. I reccommmend giving them a look.

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so that “Add note” function was the customm waypoint? hell, from the first time i play this game, i thought that Add Notes function was just for adding notes about that particular place rather than custom waypoint…

thanks for the info…

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Its pretty cool. Ive assigned a bright cyan “B” for all my bases, lower case bright green “g” for loot spots.

I like to mark dangerous areas with a red 0, since it has the strikethrough in the center of it making it look like the “prohibited” symbol. Areas like minefields or roadblocks, instant-death places like that.

never marked dangerous place but i mark my base with X… now i confused which one is my base and my storage area XD

You can change the colors. I like using bright colors to catch the eye.

oh now that’s better… now i have purpose in this game.