How to add an item to a martial art

As the title says, how do I add a modded item to a martial art? Ninjutsu in this case. Just want an item to act like another similar item, thanks!

The “right” way to do it by creating a mod for it…:

  • Create a mod (or split it up into two files or integrate into an existing mod)…:


    "type": "MOD_INFO",
    "id": "mmaninjutsuweaponaddition",
    "name": "Extra Ninjutsu Weapon",
    "authors": [ "You" ],
    "description": "A new weapon added to the martial art Ninjutsu.",
    "category": "misc_additions",
    "dependencies": [ "dda" ]
    "type": "martial_art",
    "id": "style_ninjutsu",
    "copy-from": "style_ninjutsu",
    "extend": { "weapons": [ "mjolnir" ] }
  • Replace mjolnir with whatever id the modded item has.
  • Add your newly generated mod to the world you want to have it.

The “quick and dirty” way:
Open data/json/martialarts.json, search for style_ninjutsu, scroll down to the entry weapons and add the id of the modded item to the list.
This works fine until you update your game or verify your files (you’ll need to add it again in that case).

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