How the fuck did i live

so i playing a bionic gangster i had to burn my spawn house down and flee a bunch of zombies i trapped in the basement. thankfully the house was near a shelter (one of those military one that don’t have a locked door). it was too close to town for my liking tho i did fine some military ids and fled to a military bunker a few miles away still in walking distance to town but still a few tiles away. 4 hourds would attack this base one after another. but in the small amount of time i had i was able to fine a deadly sniper rifle and a large amount of ammo for it. and being the bionic gangster i had a high marksman skill being i was very accurate and killed the army of undead solo

I think you lived cause you had a sniper rifle and a metric shit load of bullets.

still i only had a single mag and its a bolt action it was strong but slow and ifought out side my base to keep the chain link fence for breaking

Well that doesn’t seem that awfully dangerous or hard to explain. One I got is a hulk came into my house and just beat me around it knocking me through walls. Eventually it broke all the walls holding the roof up the roof collapsed and killed the hulk. I survived the battle with it and managed to escape the city due to it being night and ran right into a bear in the forest. This was all day too. It probably came down to chitinous skin and tough skin trait/mutation. Still don’t get why the building killed it and not me.

ok i dont often have much luck with long range weapons so i did expect to survive

Ah RNJesus seems to not like you and guns. Try praying to a 20 sided die it might appease him.