Foot Crank - Vehicle Too Heavy For Its Engines! limit is too low

Version: 0.C-17269-g46c1b03

Behaviour: Modifying a bicycle to switch in a Cargo Space and some cargo from inventory produces the report “Bicycle is too heavy for its engines!” and prevents acceleration.

Expected behaviour: Since the bicycle is still light enough for the player to drag (133kg at 223 movement cost on a diagonal), and a foot crank is ostensibly more efficient than walking+dragging, it appears that the weight limit on it is drastically too low, particularly considering pedicabs can easily carry 2+ passengers for an easy 100kg+ payload to transport.

This may be related to the undervalued weight limit on pushing/pulling wheeled vehicles, since in reality pushing a two tonne vehicle to the gas station is very achievable, while in Catacylsm a 250+kg motorbike is “too heavy to shift” for an average strength human.

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