Bicycle Refuses To Move (Answered)

So I built a homemade bicycle (2 wheels powered by footcrank with smallish wheels). It clocks in at 660 lbs but my 14 STR character had no problem speeding it at 40 mph for 30 map tiles to the next town. Now I’ve looted and its 2 trunks are bulging from stuff and I can’t get the damn thing to move. Does the amount of stuff loaded into the trunks have something to do with it? It’s also raining. The vehicle is fully repaired as well. I am able to “control” the vehicle yet when I try to accelerate forwards or backwards it doesn’t move.

Vehicle Map:

^- frame, wheel, trunk
|| - frame, footpedals, seat, seatbelt, controls
O - frame, wheel, trunk

Again, I had no trouble moving it before I loaded it with about 900 volume worth of stuff.
If this is the case what is an easy way, if any, to remedy this so I don’t have to unpack the vehicle or leave it.

tl;dr - My bike worked, I loaded it with a bunch of shit, now it doesn’t pls halp.

Sounds like a weight problem try unloading some of the stuff then driving it?

Turns out I was just a little over on weight. I could bike around 550 lbs around no problem, ended up dumping a bunch of foodstuffs. Thanks for the help. Really sucks that I thought something convoluted was going on when it was kind of common sense.