How many times can a blob split?

I just ended up getting soft locked by a swarm of blobs in a corridor because somehow they dodged level 3.78 melee skill and broke both my full health 10 strength arms. However they can’t penetrate my torso and head armor, so we’re just left aimlessly hitting each other. I took off my backpack cause I thought my torso encumbrance was causing me to miss but I can’t use the lighter I dropped on the ground because for some reason its too heavy. There’s no way in hell i’m gonna drop a character that i’ve spend hours on however.
It just seems silly I can’t simply just walk over these things considering they’re both small and not solid. ?But just how many times can they split anyways? It seems like part of the problem is they just spawn so large they just fill up a room infinitely…
Edit: I decided to reload and attack the slimes again just to see if it was bugged (and to sort of commit to my mistake of underestimating the slimes) and I was able to make a safe path to walk through by setting my clothes on fire.

IIRC big blobs split in 2 regular blobs which in turn split in 2 small ones each. So, should be 2 times max?

I’ve had small blobs split more than 4 times each

Are you sure it wasn’t just multiple blobs occupying the same tile? So you hit one and it split and then you hit another one.

yep. eventually they filled a whole room even though they started off at just 3

im not sure if the have a limit, sometimes from a single small blob i get to kill 10 or so, others i fight agaist 2 or 3 and they dont split, i guess its all down to luck

It’s been a while since I looked at the code, but I seem to recall that the blob splits based on speed rather than HP like the shoggoth. Like every time it splits, the resulting blobs have their speed reduced, and if the speed gets too low, it can’t split anymore.