How high do you set the zombie multiplier?

I generally start at 4x and I had one guy I went up to 30x with. Was tons of fun. by late game your basically rambo, so its not bad with all the mutations and CBM. 4x at the start isn’t that bad.

I generally play hobo, so Ive never put it above 1, are people who are putting it up raising their starting points as well?

To be honest I rarely set it higher than the default. As you pointed out, it makes no particular difference after a certain point. Sometimes I like setting it to zero, turning the city size to zero/maximum, and wandering peacefully through a completely empty wilderness/megacity.

I didn’t think about being able to set this. I was playing on default (1); I just set it to 24 to see what happens.

I usually set it to five.

I dont raise it above 4x until im stronger. even if you max your starting attributes you cant do 30x… trust me.

you can raise the zombie multiplier after you generate a world and while you are playing. as long as you have a vehicle, extra gas, guns in vehicle, and cool explosives, your fine with massive zombies. since you can blow them away and your car is fast enough. I do recommend a rather large car at 30x… you have to drive through alot of zombies.

one thing i am experimenting with is construction. something to funnel zombies through that doesn’t burn. so something with metal. then drop wood and light on my way through. game doesn’t provide much in the way of options to fires going though. for example, if i pile up wood, that doesn’t really work to well to keep it burning longer. also digging pits in this funnel will slow them down so they burn longer.

I set it only to x1.2. It just gets much too tedious at higher spawn rates, and even then x1.2 seems more like x2.

I always increase my city size modifier so I tend to keep my zombie multiplier between 1.1 and 1.5, which is still thousands of zombies per city minimum.

I do 1.5x spawns (sometimes more) and up my points to 12. I also let my self take 16 points of traits.

Moral of the story I’m a dirty cheater.

I usually set mine from 1.5 to 3. And sometimes I increase the starting skill points generally closer to three, unless I’m doing classic zombies… then I do closer to 3 and use the default points.

Really depends on my mood;

If I want to succeed through the game quickly and find bugs 0.5
If I want a immersive game I usually turn it to 2 or 3

It also heavily depends on what my city sizes are.
I have yet to try it past 3 as I know exactly how the game will go unless I have a good amount of luck and/or patience.

I use default points and set it to between 1 and 2 despite it having no effect what so ever on dynamic