How hasn't this been implemented? Wielding items from ground

This one should be fairly simple to implement, right? Players should be able to wield items directly from the ground; instead of putting the item directly inside their backpack, AND THEN taking a metric f*ckton of time just to wield the weapon.

The game has something like this: if you have no room in the inventory and try to pick up an item, you’ll be prompted to wield it. This idea should be doable.

Yeah, I’m aware of that, it’s kind of strange that you can eat/drink from adjacent tiles, but you can’t WIELD stuff directly from the ground.

There could also be a slot in AIM for wielded item.

You can inspect neighboring tiles, which allows grabbing the item to wield in the following turn (or in the same turn, if there is no inventory space for the item)

I don’t see this as a need as it is extremely easy to work around.

What they’re suggesting is the ability to take the second choice at will without requiring a full inventory. It doesn’t make sense that the only way for you to pick up an item and wield it is to have a full inventory.
Although to the player this only takes an extra turn, the act of having to actually wield the weapon is enough in-game time for a monster to attack you several times.

Yes i need to be able to pick up a spear from the spear pile next to me without downtime when i am throwing zombies to death :smiley: