How exactly do CBMs function?

More of a lore question then anything else but how exactly do CBMs function? Are they tied into the nervous system? When your character activates a CBM what is the process of “turning it on”, do they just think about it or is there some physical input? select muscle movement? You think “make the peace sign” and a CBM activates? A central control system? My curiosity burns! :smiley:


I would imagine buttons you have to press or certain phrases you would say to activate bionics.
Joint torsion racket could be a bolt you have to turn with a wrench or something to engage.

I suppose it could vary from CBM to CBM, voice activated could be… inconvenient depending on how specific the activation word was, imagine you are having a conversation and you just happen to say the word that sets off your sonic resonance or something if you get where I’m coming from? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I meant thoughts :confused: but yeah good point.
Like how IRL cyborgs think or move their leg muscles to control robotic prosthetics.

Like I said, dunno myself, I’m just curious. From what I understand, some modern prosthetics will detect nerve impulses based on you thinking about moving your original limb and the prosthetic will interpret the signals so it could be a similar system but it makes me wonder how stuff like the intergrated toolset would work.

here is an interesting clip that’s related:

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“Implanted in your hands and fingers is a complete tool set - screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and heating elements. You can use this in place of many tools when crafting”

So IRL I guess these would replace your fingers or something. Or your palms have the heating elements like some superhero movie villain.
I could imagine the wrench bit being in the Web between your thumb and pointer finger.


I find the integrated toolset in general hard to imagine, both in terms of storage and actual use. Hands don’t have a lot of places you can put something bigger than a sewing needle without destroying their function as hands. Hammers are inescapably required to be heavy rigid objects at the end of long sticks, there’s no other way for them to do the job of hammering. Wrenches must be long and rigid or they won’t wrench anything. Et cetera. Thinking about it, I might poke around in the json and see if I can downgrade it to “Integrated Welder” for myself…


This game isn’t supposed to be realistic though

Screw driver and hacksaw I can imagine, a bit awkward to use maybe in regards to the screw driver but doable and the hacksaw could be a micro circular saw. the wrench would almost have to be the thumb and index finger with a self locking mechanism but you’d have to replace the flesh on both for it to work. The hammer and crowbar feature don’t make that much sense though, you’d have to replace even more flesh AND increase the weight of you hand quite a bit. You know, unless you’re punching nails in or something mad like that :smiley:

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It would be like that how to sink a nail in one hit video but a hulk smash

EDIT: provided video