How does flint work?

I’m trying to light a fire with flint and steel for the first time.

We have a pocket knife, whose blade is assumedly carbon steel, but activating, cutting and inscribing the flint with the knife has no effect. I’ve also tried looking at flint’s json but I’m having a hard time finding it in /items.

What am I missing?

“Flint and steel” is an item capable of being used for the production of fire. The game doesn’t have a generic interaction that allows a piece of flint to be used together with any object that would presumably be suitable to act as the steel part.

The flint and steel object can be crafted from a chunk of high carbon steel and a piece of flint using fairly advanced equipment at a fabrication level of 4, so it’s not available to a starting character.
I believe the item can also be found in locations such as outdoor stores.


You need timber/ or paper or whatever.

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That’s kind of braindead that a character basically needs to be able to manufacture a ferrorod in order to use “flint and steel”.

Then make a PR (= Pull Request = Github’s weird name for a modification proposal) that fixes it so it won’t be “brain dead”.

Github bans for wrongthink. I’ll saw my own dick off before I give them any more traffic than I have to (looking at you, UndeadPeople). If I want to change it that badly, maybe I’ll just throw the recipe into the more bundles mod I’ve been poking at. Or not. Eh.