How does aggression work?

Specifically, what values make a creature flee when injured and become neutral after some time has passed?

Most creatures with "fear_trigger": ["HURT"] flee when their health drops down by half and below.
To make a monster neutral is to trigger its placate condition. For example: A angry(hostile) wolf is nearby a chunk of meat, so its aggression goes down slowly until it becomes neutral(tracking) :+1:


I never new that was in the game for wolves. I just watch them and the moment they go red-alert I explode them with an arrow.

How do I make monsters become neutral on their own? I’m talking like ants and more ants being forever pissed off because a dog bit off more than it could ever chew.

Giant Ant
    "id": "mon_ant",
    "type": "MONSTER",
    "name": "giant ant",
    "description": "An enormous red ant covered in chitinous plates.  It possesses a pair of wriggling antennae and vicious-looking mandibles.",
    "default_faction": "ant",
    "bodytype": "insect",
    "species": [ "INSECT" ],
    "volume": "62500 ml",
    "weight": 81500,
    "hp": 40,
    "speed": 100,
    "material": [ "iflesh" ],
    "symbol": "a",
    "color": "brown",
    "morale": 60,
    "melee_skill": 5,
    "melee_dice": 1,
    "melee_dice_sides": 6,
    "melee_cut": 6,
    "dodge": 1,
    "armor_bash": 5,
    "armor_cut": 10,
    "vision_day": 5,
    "vision_night": 5,
    "harvest": "arachnid",
    "upgrades": { "age_grow": 14, "into": "mon_ant_soldier" },
    "anger_triggers": [ "FRIEND_ATTACKED", "FRIEND_DIED", "HURT", "PLAYER_WEAK" ],
    "death_function": [ "NORMAL" ],
    "special_attacks": [ [ "EAT_FOOD", 30 ] ],
    "flags": [ "SEES", "HEARS", "SMELLS", "CLIMBS" ]

There’s no way you can appease an ant. They’re like machines for war and you can’t stop them from charging to their death :frowning_face:

Few monsters (mostly carnivorous mammals) do become neutral at the wilderness. If a wolf kills a deer, the dead body placates them. Err, it rarely happens :stuck_out_tongue: