Question about the system of being attracted by sound

I have a question about the system of sound attraction. Is it possible to change a given animal’s flags from “monsters” json in the way that they will react to sound just like zombies? I always play with my little “hunters” mode which adds new animals (from WILDLIFE category) named hunters. They are very fast and dangerous but it seems that they do not react to my gunshots etc… I set their aggressiveness very high but it did not help at all

If you change that with one wildlife animal, you’d have to change it for all others. It makes no sense that a deer would come towards a sound?

Theoretically, deer, etc. should be running away from gunshots, not ignoring them. (AI extension?)

Best deferred until not responding is making things “too easy”.

Well it’s not really even theoretically. I’m no animal observer, but I have yet to see a dear in practice ever go towards a loud noise

Copy any mammal (even deer) json, rise up agression and morale, remove fear_triggers and it’s done. Category and faction dosen’t really matters.

I even made deer which runs to gunshot sound and attacks me.

Here is my predator deer (it folows gunshot, i tested it during the night):

“id”: “mon_predator”,
“type”: “MONSTER”,
“name”: “predator”,
“description”: “Pray for your soul…”,
“default_faction”: “dog”,
“categories”: [ “WILDLIFE” ],
“species”: [ “MAMMAL” ],
“diff”: 1,
“size”: “LARGE”,
“hp”: 60,
“speed”: 500,
“material”: [ “flesh” ],
“symbol”: “D”,
“color”: “brown”,
“aggression”: 100,
“morale”: 50,
“melee_skill”: 8,
“melee_dice”: 6,
“melee_dice_sides”: 3,
“melee_cut”: 20,
“dodge”: 4,
“vision_night”: 16,
“path_settings”: { “max_dist”: 10 },
“death_function”: [ “NORMAL” ],
“reproduction”: { “baby_monster”: “mon_predator_cub”, “baby_count”: 1, “baby_timer”: 13 },
“biosignature”: { “biosig_item”: “feces_manure”, “biosig_timer”: 12 },
“baby_flags”: [ “SPRING”, “SUMMER” ],
“flags”: [ “SEES”, “HEARS”, “SMELLS”, “ANIMAL”, “PATH_AVOID_DANGER_1”, “WARM”, “FUR”, “BONES”, “FAT” ]

PS: You’ll need to add a new faction to factions.json if you want special faction for your monster.

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Thank you syler1983. I have another question- is it possible to add wildlife into cities? I play with “no monsters” mod but I want to have my “hunters” in cities. If I add them to “forest” group in “monstergroups” json they are present in game but when I add them to “house” or “grocery” or “mansion” groups they are not present in game.

No Monsters (aka Only_Wildlife) removes everything that isn’t WILDLIFE. And in doing so, it removes the default monsters from the MONSTER_GROCERY, MONSTER_HOUSE, MONSTER_MANSION, etc groups because the default monster in a zombie which is not on in the whitelist.

I’m not 100% sure if monster groups that do not have default monsters can even spawn, or if you’re just seeing a bunch of groups spawn with nothing but default monsters and it looks like nothing is spawning. Try overriding the default monster with your hunters and see if that helps any.