How do you self-limit your playthroughs?

For me, no battle busses. I can make vehicles for exploration/combat, and vehicles for storing all my shit and moving it around.

Next playthrough I think I’m going to forego power armor, it’s too OP.

What about you? How have you limited yourself in interesting ways?

I’ve never used a folding vehicle part. Sure it would be handy to load a shopping cart into my truck or van. It’s not unrealistic to have a small collapsible rolling cart. Modern wheeled luggage that I could drag and carry would also be acceptable. But, the things people do with the folding vehicle parts sound more absurd than a hospital sized rolling fortress.

I always start a character with a solid idea of how I want them to be and anything that doesn’t fit that doesn’t get used. If the goal is a slime girl, cybernetics are 100% out that run. It makes each run have a certain flavor and stops the end game from always playing out the same.

I usually RP the characters desires over hard gameplay when I can help it. There’s a few things that can’t be avoided (Looking at you, week long break to read skillbooks), but I’ll avoid over-suping the vehicle of choice if the current character wouldn’t be likely to go full mad max, Avoidance of melee combat if the current character really doesn’t like getting close to the dead, and so forth.

Roleplay is the spice of Cata. I once did an entire run as an out of shape, frail knee’d, asthmatic internet film reviewer who decided to become a barbarian lord of the apocalypse, just like his favorite b-movies. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a character, and he ended the character creator with more points available than when I went in.

While I’m not disagreeing that some very silly things are done, the other side of that is that “folding” at the moment can also be thought of as representing the ability to put one vehicle in another (say, putting a motorcycle on the back of an RV, for instance, which you can see every day of the week on the major interstate highways in the US). As another example, I could simply pick up a shopping cart and put it in the back of a truck, no “folding” required.

Until vehicles carrying vehicles is a thing, “folding” is how that is done - by turning the “vehicle” into an “item”.

Semi-portable gun emplacements (literally able to be carried, but large enough to be not realistically usable while carried) could be thought of that way, as well (don’t do that one myself).

No survivor armor. Too OP, too early. I have to admit though I haven’t re-checked survivor armors in a year, so my attitude in this might be outdated.

Power armor is OK, but only because it’s too damn rare, it has multiple prerequisites and comes with downsides. I don’t need the PITA that comes with power armor, so I don’t go out of my way looking for one, but if I eventually happen to come across a full set, so be it.

Lately I’ve been thinking if tanks are totally OP. They often have ammo and many delicious vehicle parts.

Tools can now have “battery compartment mods”, which enables the use of vehicle storage batteries in them (but not the huge storage battery itself). Feels OP but I’m not complaining just yet. Medium storage battery = 7500 charges. Great for makeshift welder. The battery reload can be a hassle, which is at least some deterrent. Small storage battery is interesting for jackhammers, making them even heavier (for lab diving sessions). Not a prob for my Strong Back though.

I’ve never gone above 1.0 item drop rate. Even that feels too generous but it’s difficult to find a good number below 1.0.

Mansions still feel bit OP for all the books and food and for having only normal zombies.

I still sometimes see full cash cards dropping. Will not be touching them.

I must pick up every cash card I see. Every single one. I collect the money and deposit it when I get the chance. I’m almost to a million dollars.

See, I did that once, but then I somehow ended up with like -145364