How do you load the shopping cart?

Hi guys,

I just discovered this amazing game the other day and I’m totally hooked!

I found a shopping cart and I figured out how to push/pull it around, but is there a way to put items into it? I’ve tried hitting ‘e’ and selecting the cart but I don’t see how I can add items into it.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Thanks in advance!!

[D]rop items into it by pressing D and a direction.

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Welcome to the forums, random person from the Internet.
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Thanks, Ninja! It worked! I was trying everything I could think of and looked all over Google but couldn’t figure it out.

Np Raster.


Oh yeah, I think you can stand on it and it’ll still drop it in.

welcome to the forums Raster! there are 3 ways that i know of, stand on the shopping cart and hit d and drop the items, hit D next to the shopping cart and drop it where the cart is, and use / and Move the items into the shopping cart from the ground or your inv

Don’t forget to rename your shopping cart something nice such as Betsy or CTHULHU, RAVAGER OF THE SEAS.

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[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:10, topic:5886”]I fell out of my new chair and almost broke it.

Thanks Keyrep.[/quote]


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