How do you level Marksmanship?

I’m finding it difficult to get past level four in marksmanship/ranged weapon skills. I’ve been told that the progression is strictly linear, i.e. every hit gives X amount of experience, yet I’m barely getting a single percent of experience at levels 3/4 for killing a solid 10 or 20 zeds.

What am I doing wrong?

I’ve cleared two labs now and killed security bots, zombie scientists and brutes, manhacks, mi-gos, etc. yet not a single percent increase in either skills and no message about my gun being too inaccurate.

Pay attention to the message log, it will start saying “this gun is too inaccurate to improve your skill” or something like that at some point. When it does, you need to find a more accurate gun and ammo to practice with.

You should also notice your focus score doesn’t drop as fast.

I haven’t received that message at all. The gun in question is a USP .45 using .45 ACP which I assumed would be appropriate for a level 3 in Marksmanship/Pistols.

If you don’t care about leveling up the rifle skill, Build a pneumatic weapon. Takes Mechanics and marksmen 2. I don’t remember what book they are in.

the Pneumatic Assault rifle 15/15 (dmg/range before ammo), or Pneumatic bolt driver (20/20 dmg/range before ammo). First one shoots marbles/pebbles, and the second one shoots crossbow bolts. They also use some of the rifle mods, so you can drop disperson, and recoil down a bunch too. Wooden bolts for the bolt driver. The metal bolts are HEAVY. This will do as much as a a pistol for dmg, about the same range.

You will then just shoot like mad, (and silent), for easily made ammo.

I personally like the bolt driver. Holds 8 in the chamber, and I like having the ammo in a quiver. Remember to mark them for auto pickup so you can be lazy.

If you don’t like those options get a nailgun. Hardware store, nails are easy to get early. If you want a ton, get a shovel, drop a house. Clean up.

I have a 10 markman skill, and a 3 rifle and I hit for about 25-40 on the normal Zed with the bolt driver. Crits in the 50-90 range.

I switched to it from a reflex bow, as I found the rifle I want to mod out once I can get more ammo. If I need to hit something heavy from farther out, I pull the heavy crossbow from under the seat of the Death Rider. (Same ammo, more range, double the dmg, the reloads just a pain)

Um, so I’m assuming that this is a bug? Is it a bug? I’m still not getting the message and there’s no change in skill level.

I was encountering a similar issue recently trying to use a USP 9mm to practice handguns. I then fired a couple of dozen rounds and did get the message. I think it’s just that pistols are incredibly inaccurate.

So handgun progression is basically broken? I don’t think level 3 is the equivalent to mastering handguns.

It is possible that the new dispersion system made it very difficult to raise.
What is a good weapon for raising Handguns / getting it above 3?

Potentially revolvers, but I’ve noticed their dispersion is generally not much better than pistols apart from the Redhawk.

FN Five-seveN will do. Also hi-level RivTech handguns like RM232, RM99 or RM103A.

Once you have a suitable weapon, the best way to level marksmanship is to go Full Redneck.
Crank up the stereo, knock back a few beers, and start blazing away at nothing / some tin cans you put on the ground / street signs / alcohol-fuelled hallucinations. When you get a bit bored (low focus) lie back and sip some whiskey / smoke some weed, maybe read a book or play gameboy. Once you’re feeling it again (high Focus) go back to shooting things.
By keeping Morale high and taking breaks you maintain a sky-high Focus, meaning you get the maximum skill benefit per round of ammunition you expend. It’s also pretty damn fast.

Get a good .22 (low dispersion), high morale and headshot fat targets at point blank. This gives the most skill progress per shot.

Remove all eye and arm encumbrance, but keep glare protection - you want perception as high as you can get. In fact, it’s the perception that’s the limiting factor in ranged skill training (should be even bigger, because perception is still underbalanced).