How do you get the Fast Healer mutation?

Hi. I’ve gulped enormous quantities of medical serum and could never get this specific mutation.

From what I’ve found on Github, medical tree is the only way to get the Fast Healer mutation.

I’ve even save-scummed a bunch of times to test this and I could never get the Fast Healer. I do have the Impercetive Healer as a starting trait. Does that cancel it out?

fast healer is a starting trait

isnt it like 2 points? i have used debug settings so i start with 20 trait points

You should get Fast Healer at one point.

Unless something was changed recently since I last played with Mutations, having Imperceptive Healer should not prevent you from getting Fast Healer - mutations often ping-pong back and forth between sides of a specific trait, you are probably just having bad luck.

It is possible that Mutagen isn’t enough, and you might require actual Serum, perhaps - but Fast Healer is a trait with no pre-requisites, so that is unlikely.

try robust genetics+serum

I have Robust Genetics. I only used serum.

Do you mean you can only get this as a starting trait? The other starting traits can be achieved through mutations.

I debugged myself 100 medical serums and stopped gaining any mutations at some point yet… I never got Fast Healer. So should I report this as a bug? Or is this intended?

Also since Lizard and Plant also have upgrades to Fast Healer does that mean they are also broken?

Are you going full Medical, or have you used other serums?
Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of all the current mutations you have, please?
(Chances are that if you used other mutation lines serums you probably crossed a threshold in some variety. Which perhaps is what is causing you to not get the mutation you’re looking for. That or maybe some CBM interfering with it, although this latter statement is very speculative.).

Right. I’ve been using other serums in small quantities. But I only crossed the threshold in Medical and I have the corresponding mutation (Prototype). Here’s the screenshot:

Hmm I am not quite sure what’s going on.

I am almost entirely sure that Mutations that are on opposite ends of the same “line” spectrum (e.g.: tiny > TAANK!) and the “in-betweens” usually cancel eachothers out. Maybe something was changed that affects the “healer” part? Or maybe it was never the case for the “healer”-like traits due to an oversight or it being on purpose but never explained why. :thinking:

Right. Maybe someone with more insight into the game code can provide an answer.

uh if i rmbr, i have never gotten fast healer from medical mutation tree, i have gotten very quick pain recovery, try lizard mutation branch for fast healing, im also pretty sure cow, and plant have up to fast healer

I’ve done some debug testing with Plant and Lizard as well as other trees.

I will never get their healing traits. And as tested on other characters I made for this test, you can get Fast Healer properly IF you don’t have Imperceptive Healer as a starting trait. Having this stops you from ever developing Fast Healer.

This is kind of inconsistent since other mutations/traits that are on the opposite side of the spectrum cancel each other out even when chosen as starting traits. For all the healing related traits, they lack the property in the code to cancel each other out (like other traits). They are simply coded in such a way that they exclude other traits in Healing category from my conclusion. It just seems they are permanent compared to other mutations.

Can a dev confirm if this is intentional or is this an oversight?

UPDATE: I’ve done a few more tests and turns out Slow Healer can be cancelled, while Poor Healer and Imperceptive Healer cannot be cancelled by anything in the game, even the worse Healing mutations (Weakening, Deterioration, Disintegration).

oh interesting, personally i have only used imperceptive healre for wraitheon exec start class, or whatever it is, but i was thinking u were talking about slow healr, sorry i misunderstood