Browsing inventory with arrowkeys, scrolling loops between bottom/top


As it is now, you can only scroll down from the top.

This severely limits the usefulness of being able to browse with the arrows at all.

  1. When scrolling “through” the top or bottom, the selection should jump to the other end.

  2. As such when first opening the inventory, if you start scrolling with the “up” key if should start at the bottom.
    Biggest pet peeve with the inventory (aside from the lack of mouse support of course).


You can scroll up when picking up items, but last I checked there’s a bug that prevents the game from actually switching to the last page when you do it that way. I suspect that something similar is going on with the inventory, which is why they left it disabled.

Yeah; when adding scrolling to inv I attempted to do it that way…unfortunately it’s written in such a way as to make it impossiblar to do without rewriting the entire thing.

…which I’ll probably be doing next month-ish.