How do I use console commands to create items?

I’ve taken a break from DDA for ages. My last save is in the pre-tileset area.

What I’m wondering is how to best “port” my character to a newer version and get myself some graphics.

How would I go about giving myself all my stuff and skill points etc? I REALLY don’t want to go through all that again…

No character who single handedly butchers the entire population of a zombie infested school with a zweihander deserves to be forgotten.

I don’t know how to do specific skills, but for items it’s pretty simple,
Bind your Debug Menu Key at the bottom of the keybindings menu, then hit , 1, F and type in the name of what you want, then hit enter and type in how many you want. It gives you X portions of it, so asking for 2 duct tape will give you 200 duct tape, as the stuff only appears in 100 charge rolls.
(Or whatever it actually is.)

The help menu allows you to assign a key to debug mode. With debug mode, you can wish for any amount of any item, alter your skill points as necessary and give yourself whatever mutations you had. If you were particularly attached to your base you can also alter your surroundings with it. I don’t think you can set stats with it, though, so you’ll have to make sure your starting stats are the same, at least.

Aha, ok, thanks.

But as for updating to a new version, is this a good time to do so or is a major update upcoming that I should wait for?

Any interesting features added recently?

its in the debug command. see the wiki. its in the controls section. bring up debug, then you can cheat.

[quote=“DG123, post:4, topic:4492”]Aha, ok, thanks.

But as for updating to a new version, is this a good time to do so or is a major update upcoming that I should wait for?

Any interesting features added recently?[/quote]

It’s always a good time to update. The “nightly” builds are usually stable enough, and new content is constantly being added so you don’t want to fall too far behind. As for what’s new… tons of new foods and recipes, changes to mutagens and cars, butt tons of new mobs… You’re better off going to the “news” section and reading the updates on new releases, honestly. There’s a lot.

can we keep saves between versions yet? i have alot of games that I started…

I THINK that it should work, but i’m not sure.

I’m finishing up a 10k kills stable game so I can’t really help you there.

Seems the latest few builds have (for me) game breaking bugs though. Like not being able to use my Zweihander.

Half the time the experimental seems to be a buggy version with new stuff added, and the other half it seems to be a fairly stable bugfix version. That said, maybe wait for the next one, I think the current stable linked on the front page still has the bug which makes you unable to use bandages or mutagen, or any other item that you consume without actually eating.


I think it’s a bit of a joke to be calling that stable. I mean, OK maybe it technically is “stable” but it’s also broken.

Honestly, at the moment I can’t help thinking it would be good if people stopped trying to add new features and just fixed all the bugs for now.

Or is it that somehow fixing bugs makes other bugs happen?

That’s a productive attitude. You should go onto the bunker right now and demand that everyone stop working on their own ideas, and focus entirely on bugfixing until the game is stable enough for you. I’m sure that will go over well. Clearly, if it’s such a self-evident idea, you should have no problem convincing other people.

I never said stop working on the ideas.

I said fix the bugs first. At the moment even the stable versions have gamebreaking bugs.

There should be a stable version with no serious bugs available to download. Do you really not think that should be the priority?

Once there’s an actual properly working version with most of the new features then it’s time to add lots more.

Of course not, I just said it’s a great idea, a wonderful idea that you should share with everyone and see how that works out. I’ll be sure to see how it goes over with everyone else. This is a completely productive attitude that nobody has ever expressed before. I cannot imagine how nobody has ever thought about fixing all the bugs and then adding new stuff.

Careful Inadequate, your scathing sarcasm is showing.

DG123, the thing with the Stable releases is that it’s usually a version that doesn’t crash when interacting with anything new added. Sometimes bugs get through, and the game is still in early-ish development. I think the key thing they’re pushing for with stables is more features and as few random crashes as possible.

Also, it’s worth noting that most of the developers are on Linux, so if you are using the Windows build, there maybe some bugs that slipped through, like the construction bug in 0.9.

Yep, I’m using Windows. I’m not even aware of that bug… The one that was stopping me playing was the knockback bug. Seeing as my primary weapon is a Zweihander…

I’m just lost as to what version actually works right now. They all seem to have problems. Is there any bug free build that supports tiles?

So how do I set skills? I can only see a cheat option for raising ALL skills by 3 points each time.

I want to raise individual skills.

Can I change my character sheet by editing a file somewhere?

In the folder for your world, there is one file that ends in .sav. Go ahead and edit that with Notepad++. Almost everything is clearly labeled so you can just have at it.

Aha! Yes, seems simple enough.

Although that makes me wonder… What exactly is it that I cannot import from my old save by just copying the sav file or copying and pasting?

I know SOMETHING won’t carry over properly since the game freezes when trying to load the save.

I’m wondering if that’s something to do with the saved world rather than the character.