How do I unfriend a doggo?

So I don’t want all these puppies running around my house… but I fed them and now I’m not sure how to get rid of them with out resorting to drastic measures.

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tie them somewhere else outside the reality bubble.
move house.
or… well… theres always the drastic option.
There is no way to unfriend a doggo by asking him/her politely to leave your house.

I recommend convincing them to follow you into a building where they’ll be comfortable and just close the door behind them.

Otherwise I’ve been reading the journals of Lewis and Clark. Evidently Clark found dog meat very unpleasant. But they got him to eat it by putting it in soup. Lewis evidently preferred dog in jerky form so take that how you will.

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Dog meat is a staple of my survivors diet…

Been trying to run the puppies through my spiked pits and bear traps, but that just resulted in the dog I wanted to keep dying to a bear trap… :disappointed_relieved:

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Well in that case you can be more humane. I’d go with a black powder rifle at point blank range for the old Yeller treatment.


Lol. I didn’t think of forcing a shot like that… that probably will work. Just have to get them out to the middle of nowhere so I don’t draw the hordes.

You could also just take them for a “ride” in any vehicle. At least until the collision code stops running over pets that are inside.

Thermite. It’s completely humane I assure you.

It is fine. They all look the same to me.