How do I stabilize my metabolism?

I’m on day three, and I got a notification that my metabolism is becoming unstable.
It immediately stabilized again, but it’s still concerning.

My character has been eating only the fresh stuff (I’m stockpiling the rest), and taking multivitamins, so I’m not sure what the problem is. What do I need to change, if anything, in my diet?

Too many multivitamins, you get hypervitaminosis and get that message. I dont think it actually does anything worth bothering over atm though.

There is a huge thread called tips, tricks and newbie questions, just type your questions in there and people generally jump to answer.

You can get the same thing IRL though, and then its not so fun. Dont eat too many pills.

Thanks. Been a while since I posted here, so I was like, “Is this where I put this? I can’t remember.”

Don’t worry, it’s still the part of the forum of the game, so it’s ok!