How do I lift a solar panel onto a house roof?

My character is holding the panel and he cannot climb the drainpipe with one hand. That’s reasonable, but what do I need? Can I pull it up with a rope? Do I need to find a ladder? Is there a scissors lift or a bucket truck somewhere? Maybe a tractor with a front end loader? Hopefully it will be as simple as needing a rope.

Haven’t tried on a roof without a ladder myself, but maybe a stepladder will be enough on its own.

The simplest solution is to find a big enough wearable container, like a military rucksack, then stuff it there before climbing.


Using a stepladder is a good method as it means you don’t risk falling when climbing up/down (or the risk is reduced considerably, anyway: I don’t think I’ve ever fallen once I’ve found out how to use it to get down (which I think is by examining it)).

For a long term solution you may want to actually construct stairs, although you can just leave a stepladder there indefinitely.

There are no mobile lifts available in the game. A grappling hook might work (although there are weird bugs involving it). Still, I’d go for stepladder/stairs.

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I did end up building a stepladder and

it works great. Unfortunately my base doesn’t have wired walls so I might be moving all of my stuff yet again. I ran an extension cord down, but I failed to run a refrigerator with two panels as they only produce a combined 10w. I also failed to power a lamp, the option wasn’t even presented.

You could still wire them by having some copper wires in hand. You could also build your appliances next to each other. And I think extension cords are pretty common in houses unless you got loot spawn rate real low on your world.