How do i hotwire?

what button do i press to hotwire a car? i have screw driver but i dont know what to do.

Get hacksaw, open vehicle menu, saw off broken security system.

You don’t need to hotwire. You should be able to drive if the vehicle controls on the car aren’t broken, IIRC. (Assuming the car also has fuel and wheels.)

yeah but when i try to drive it pops up a message in the log saying “you can hotwire if you have screwdrivers” and it continues to come up even when i do have screwdrivers being wielded and trying to control

sometimes you do need to hotwire a car because it don’t have keys, it usually shows up as a prompt when I go to take control of the car for the first time and if I manage to hotwire then the alarm goes of and sometimes if your unlucky disabling the alarm you can break the controls. as for the screwdriver issue, I’m not sure as I never seen it.

Edit: FYI, I Never noticed condition of controls, maybe better condition ones have keys while lower condition ones don’t, as far as I know it’s a random chance to happen.

Is this only in the latest experimentals. I have not seen this yet.

Usually by jumping the power/ground wires for the ignition relay inside the column after you bypass the interlock. Much easier to do if you have a wiring diagram of the system.

In game…if it needs to be hot wired it probably isn’t worth stealing requisitioning. Another will be along soon enough.

Cars with alarm systems is definitely new and definitely after 0.B Stable.