Car Hotwiring

i know this is simple and all , but is it really normal to know how to hotwire a car from level 0 mechanics ?
you should at least need 1 or 2 in mechanics or maybe electronics

Most folks have watched movies where people have hotwired vehicles, so they have a vague idea how it works. Grab some cables from under the steering column, start touching some together until something happens.

I still set off the alarms like, 90% of the time though. Seems accurate, for when you’ve no clue what your actually doing.

Getting at those wires is what’s difficult.

And honestly it isnt that simple.

OP is right, it should be ‘mechanics 1 or 2’

if you “grab some cables and cut them” you have a really good chance of bricking a car and fucking it right up
so you could just have a dice roll of “alarm/success/bricking”